ClaudIA drastically reduces your support workload, making your team leaner.

Claudia is a chatbot that communicates like a human using artificial intelligence
Agility in service
Scale with a more strategic team.
Watch Claudia handle the most frequent inquiries, freeing your team to focus on more special and sensitive cases.
Efficient service
Perform the same processes with AI.
Claudia accesses your content, data, and systems to perform the same processes. When necessary, it escalates more complex inquiries directly to your team.
Efficient service
Private data connection
Import and customize your support content in just a few clicks. Connect Claudia to any database, enabling it to view and make changes for your customers.
Private data connection
Activate integrations in just one click
Knowledge bases
Link your content with ClaudIA
Enhance your service with the tools that your team uses on a daily basis.
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We are integrated with the leading helpdesks in the market.

Start using AI effortlessly and without changing your system. Just create a new user in your existing system, and you're all set.

Customer experiences

"65% of our users who interact with ClaudIA don't need to escalate to a human agent. It has been a game-changer for us".

“We reduced our hiring budget by 20%. CLAudia operates as a first level and solves more than half of the tickets alone”

“CLAudia reduced 65% of our tickets. It doesn't compare to our previous chabot architecture.”

“We were able to achieve leaner scales. Our team spends more time calibrating Claudia and less time putting out fires.”

“In addition to reducing our ticket load by more than half, CLAudia is one of our best sellers”

“Within a week Claudia was already doing the job of 3 agents. It was very easy to implement and impressive to see it evolve.”

"In the first week, we managed to reduce our first response time to customers by over 80% while maintaining a high level of CSAT"

Talk to us

Talk to our team and deep dive Claudia's features

Founders of Cloud Humans are available to delve into your company's specifics and demonstrate how Claudia works

We created Cloud after struggling with bots that don't work or take ages to implement. If you're looking for a different approach, I'd like to talk to you".
Ian Kraskoff

Founder & CEO @ Cloud Humans

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